There is so much to do in the Wood River Valley. It’s no wonder so many visitors leave here with one thing on their mind: How can I become a local? Here’s a sampling, from North to South, of some of the things that make Sun Valley the most wonderful spot in the West. Have your own favorite that’s not on this list? Email us and we’ll share your hidden treasure with other visitors.

Stanley and the Sawtooth Basin

Galena Summit is just 30 picturesque (and windy) miles north of downtown Ketchum, and when you crest the summit, you enter into a whole new world of vast spaces, alpine lakes, jagged summits, and small mountain towns. In Stanley, go to the bakery in the morning, and then hike to Sawtooth Lake afterwards, a rigorous but unforgettable hike to one of the most gorgeous mountain lakes you’ll ever see.

Galena Lodge

On the way to the summit sits Galena Lodge, a haven for mountain bikers in the summer and fall and THE place to go for alpine Nordic skiing in the winter. They have yurts for “glamping” (a step up from tent camping), and the trails are super rewarding, for beginners and experts alike.

Adams Gulch Trailhead

Just a couple of miles north of Ketchum, this trail system is unbelievably convenient and yet in a matter of minutes, whether on foot or bike, you can gain a sense of solitude and wilderness. You can take simple saunters in the shade, or exposed hikes along ridgetops that offer views of the Boulder Mountains. Bring your dog and pack a lunch if you’d like; trails range from mile-long flat loops to 10+ mile trails with thousands of feet of elevation. So close, yet so far away.

Hemingway Memorial

Just three miles east of downtown Ketchum, on Sun Valley Road, sits the Hemingway Memorial. A place to connect with both nature and Sun Valley’s most famous inhabitant, the manmade pool at the memorial is the perfect place to learn, and feel, how Sun Valley had such an impact on Ernest Hemingway.

The Bow Bridge

Just four block west and a two-minute walk from downtown Hailey, the Bow Bridge is surely one of the most beautiful pedestrian bridges you’ll ever see. Connected to the Draper Preserve, the Bow Bridge crosses the Big Wood River and allows walkers to ramble through the cottonwoods and aspens along the river. Shaped like a bow, the bridge is architecturally perfect.

Silver Creek

At the extreme south end of the Wood River Valley is world-famous Silver creek, a  spring-fed stream that lures anglers from all over the world to its clear water. Rent a fishing guide, or go it alone (but good luck—the fish in Silver Creek seem to be smarter than average), and spend the day trying to match the hatch.

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